A Better Place [Prologue]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: TheLostOne

A Better Place [Prologue] [TheLostOne]

You’re a person with an excellent present for understanding individuals. In the wake of encountering direct how much remorselessness such an ability can bring out, you found a way ways to conceal your character and your blessing from the eyes of the individuals who might manhandle it. In the long run, concealing yourself from the whole world.

Nonetheless, your surrendered happiness with being a pariah is going to be shaken by an unforeseen and somewhat concerning greeting…

Welcome to A Better Place – a game, a story, a reality where the individuals who feel like pariahs can have a place.

Here, you’ll meet different characters with exceptional abilities and, as it would turn out, they’re all young ladies! Invest energy with them, find out about their past, discover what frequents them, fall head over heels (or simply develop adequately close to get physical) and uncover the mystery behind your capacities, just as the weighty value they appear to carry.​

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A Better Place
A Better Place
A Better Place
A Better Place
A Better Place

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