Category: Sex Game
OS: Windowns
Language: English
Developer: Crouler

Alonexp [v7.4.7.2] [Crouler]

You are what people call sacred. You don’t know any details, you have to figure out your situation in this big world full of different people and things to do! Moreover, you are in a world with only women. No one is here, but look down at yourself, it turns out you are here! Some women are normal, but women with “sacred ancestry” often have extra packaging in addition to normal female characteristics. As a god, you have more rights than ordinary people, far more than the queen, and become the tallest creature in the world! However, many things are happening, the war with the neighbors of the new country you have discovered is continuing, and some things seem to be incorrect. Finally, enjoy the fun of interacting with people in this vast world! A savvy reader like you, yes, you! , You have guessed that a god can get everything he wants, so please live your fantasy. Kill monsters, help those in need (women), and have sex with women to compete for your attention.



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