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Language: English
Developer: recreation

Bad Memories [v0.7.1] [recreation]

Your adolescence turned into a wreck, when your mother passed on when you were as yet a kid, simultaneously your dad began drinking and seeing lady… in an unexpected way. At the point when he tracked down another sweetheart, things gradually started to go crazy.

However, that wasn’t the main thing that changed.

As an observer to that way of life, you also did inept things like battling with different children, you had inconvenience in school and issues with the law all the more then once, however you won’t ever cross “the line”.

After your father passed on, you trusted that things would improve, however rather they deteriorated, so you left your old neighborhood and committed to never return.

As time went on, you’ve figured out how to construct a to some degree typical life, and all the previous recollections that apparently had begun to blur became hazy, best case scenario.

However, will it remain as such?

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Bad Memories
Bad Memories
Bad Memories
Bad Memories

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