Beware your desires [v0.1]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English Russian
Developer: AlexZeroOne

Beware your desires [v0.1] [AlexZeroOne]

Hello folks!

I need to impart to you my most recent venture.

The plot:

You’ll assume the job of a 19 year-old kid who moves to America to begin another life.

You will briefly remain with your mom’s companion Kate.

Kate lives in a major, wonderful house with her little girls Christina and Lana and her sweetheart Jacob.

She assists you with subsiding into your new residence and get a new line of work.

In any case, all of the primary person’s arrangements self-destruct after he gets into a genuine fender bender, after which he winds up between the universe of the living and the dead.​

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Beware your desires
Beware your desires
Beware your desires
Beware your desires

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