Burns Mansion [v0.5.0 Public]

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Category: Sex Game
Developer: ILWGames

Burns Mansion [v0.5.0 Public] [ILWGames]

Charles Montgomery Burns. Springfield is the most famous and respected billionaire-well, actually the only one. He is one of the richest people on the planet, the epitome of rich wealth and high society itself. As a legacy that many people cannot match, he is indeed a leader in the game. …And he just hit the bottom. Faced with a large number of financial and business-related issues, Mr. Burns’s grand legacy is currently pending. In this game, you play as a young relative of Mr. Burns, who is a newly revealed relative. Your mission: Help save Mr. Burns’s property and business by any means necessary. Become the best unpaid intern ever, Springfield, help solve some handsome yellow-skinned guys along the way, and try to prove that he is the next worthy successor.

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Burns Mansion
Burns Mansion
Burns Mansion
Burns Mansion
Burns Mansion
Burns Mansion

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