Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: Gallant Trombe

Color of My Sound [v1.A.3] [Gallant Trombe]

Shade of My Sound is a Sci-Fi, Espionage, Drama, Erotic visual novel set in a unique setting. It is a universe crammed with potential for character dramatization, schemes, secret activities, interest and activity.

The story started when a resistance on an extraordinary scale emitted across the Empire’s universes and humankind faces a dubious future interestingly since the Empire’s commencement. The notorious day has suddenly modified the existences of many, including our hero.

Follow the tale of the Officer, as he cautiously moves around the plots of different forces of the Empire, each competing for his devotion or demise…

As the chief of Special Operations Squad “Nu”, structure brotherhood, contention, and surprisingly sentiment with your colleagues. Cautious, every part has their own secret plans and individual stake. Give cautious consideration, trust nobody, you should acquire the reliability, maybe even love of every part to endure this journey.​

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Color of My Sound
Color of My Sound
Color of My Sound
Color of My Sound
Color of My Sound
Color of My Sound

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