Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: Neko-Hime

Deadlocked in Time [Ch. 3 v0.25] [Neko-Hime]

This is the story of a boy who no longer appreciates life, after his father sent him from a private school to the public, everything changed for him. As a result, he was bullied by his classmates, his grades were poor, even his future was in danger, and he kept playing truant. The only people he gets along with are his friends and girlfriends, who are as uninterested in school as him and have the same opinions. One day, when his life was slowly but steadily improving, something strange happened. Time stagnated, the sun stopped setting, and night fell. Everyone except you is in Stasys and cannot be moved.

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Deadlocked in Time
Deadlocked in Time
Deadlocked in Time
Deadlocked in Time

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