Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: Asmodeus Den

Dominum [v0.1] [Asmodeus Den]

In Dominum, you are the sought after offspring of a witch and an evil presence ruler,

getting away from the congregation and the obliviousness of your own property,

producing a military to counter assault those equivalent establishments, and bring the realm,

and all its beautifull occupants, to their knees.

The manner in which you do this, nonetheless, will be at your political decision.

Would you be a tyrannic master, who takes what he needs and obliterate what the rest?

Or then again would you be a fair ruler who fabricate its realm in post of a superior future for your wicked individuals?

En route you will enlist succubus, trolls, evil spirits, monstrosities and other night animals to your positions,

yet, not every one of them will uphold your motivation with truthfulness in their hearth.

This grounds are brimming with triumphs to be made, terrains to consume,

furthermore, ladies to take. Its chance to make everything twist to your will all the same!​

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