Dreams of an Exile [Final]

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Category: Sex Game
OS: Windows
Language: English
Developer: Male Doll

Dreams of an Exile [Final] [Male Doll]

Dreams of an Exile is a yuri story with investigation components. Play as Lyra, Explore the world, Meet other ousted young ladies, Experience your first love,
Utilize a super boot to hop the pits, Cut the trees, Break stones, Swim, and considerably more.
Everything in a charming pixel craftsmanship style.
Lyra is a half-mythical being who lives in a town where mythical people and people find lived respectively in harmony for quite a long time, shielded from the beasts from outside by an enchanted boundary.
Everything appeared to be quiet until a baffling fog began to cover the town making individuals wiped out, including her mom. Looking for an approach to save her, Lyra finds in her dad’s notes that the arrangement would be outside the boundary. Notwithstanding, whoever crosses it can stay away forever and turns into an outcast.
Not really settled, Lyra sets out on her excursion of no return and tracks down that the narratives she heard were a joke.
Exploring the reasons that prompted such countless untruths, she meets other ousted young ladies.
Presently, she is confronted with the mission of clearing the hindrance and getting back to her town, simultaneously she can encounter her first love.​
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Dreams of an Exile
Dreams of an Exile
Dreams of an Exile
Dreams of an Exile
Dreams of an Exile
Dreams of an Exile

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