Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: Lydcreations

Earth Girls [v0.14] [Lydcreations]

Hello there. I am an entertainment activity, I make adult games. My current game is called “Earth Girl”. Earth Girls are satirical works of various genres such as harem, status generator and dating sims. The player is a student trying to answer elusive questions in life. What should I do for the rest of my life? NASA continues to spread information to space, looking for signs of life. Today, aliens respond to the challenge to control the earth. The player is chosen as the champion of the earth and converts as many women (harem or other) as possible to his side. The person who converts the most women will win the game and gain control of the planet. What is your strategy for winning the game? Will you try to save as many women as possible from aliens? Or do you just focus on approaching a few women? Maybe find love along the way?

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Earth Girls
Earth Girls
Earth Girls
Earth Girls

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