Follow the Leader [v0.2]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: SuperWriter

Follow the Leader [v0.2] [SuperWriter]

You experience a daily reality such that men called aristocrats have the entirety of the position and force. Your mom was important for a nobleman’s array of mistresses and you were brought as a worker up in his home when she was offered to him, and you went along, however your mom in the long run had enough of the aristocrat’s remorseless ways and fled, letting you to endure be. You cause the best of it over time to in any case and have at long last acquired sufficient credit at 25 to purchase your opportunity, however when you impede the aristocrat manhandling his lab-developed array of mistresses of great and stunning ladies since they will not lay down with him, you essentially discard your opportunity and are secured up his jail to be executed the next day. The three cloned ladies help you, be that as it may, and all of you escape together. Where will you go? What will you do?​

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Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader

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