Horizons of the Future [v0.3]

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Category: Sex Games
Language: English
Developer: Drone Games

Horizons of the Future [v0.3] [Drone Games]

The action of the game started in Neon City in 2222 with advanced technology. Robots and humans had become a society. A female scientist named Leila Star grew up without parents. Her father disappeared at the age of 10. She had never seen her mother. Leila was raised by a robot named Lona. Laila decided to send back the robot Rona in time to find her parents and find out why they abandoned her. And in our time… In this game, you will play the role of a private detective, a young man who has just moved from his small town to a big city. He hopes that in big cities, he will find more jobs as he thought. After all, he chose a private detective because he likes to take risks and solve mysteries. And he made no mistakes in his choice, because he know the risk!

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Horizons Of The Future
Horizons Of The Future
Horizons Of The Future
Horizons Of The Future

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