Island 34 [Ep.2 Events]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: NSFW Space

Island 34 [Ep.2 Events] [NSFW Space]

“Island 34”-a holiday destination for super-rich people, no matter who they want to be, they can be there. Tired of their lives in real life, they chose a different life, and the resort staff are making everything so that they can experience it. The only rule is that you cannot interfere with the desires of other guests. Everything went smoothly until the guest was murdered. Not wanting to risk the reputation of the island, the management hired an external agency to solve the murder, and they sent you and your female partner to solve the murder. You pretend to be a married couple. Everyone has their own unique desires for who they want to be, and will try to solve the murder case. No one will find out who you are or why you are on the island.

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Island 34
Island 34
Island 34

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