Legacy of Hestia [R2]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: Winterfire

Legacy of Hestia [R2] [Winterfire]

For as far back as you can recall, your granddad has consistently revealed to you numerous stories about the swashbucklers and becoming one; You generally discovered them to be energizing, and consistently longed for turning out to be one yourself.

After turning eighteen years of age, you at long last get the opportunity to join a familia and turn into an explorer, regardless of whether your granddad won’t be there to see you.

In any case, turning into a swashbuckler isn’t just about as simple as you suspected… To turn into a swashbuckler you should join a familia, and every one of them appear to decay you.

After numerous long periods of difficulty, a goddess approaches you to welcome you in her recently made familia, you acknowledge her welcome with no hesitation.

As the solitary individual from the Hestia’s familia, your decisions won’t just influence your future, yet in addition the fate of the Hestia familia.​

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Legacy of Hestia
Legacy of Hestia
Legacy of Hestia
Legacy of Hestia

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