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Lessons in Love [v0.19.0 Part 1] [Selebus]

Taking over as the teacher of twelve and fourteen high school students, they tried to find their own way in life. Manage and develop the relationship with each of them in the fictional city official document mi. Choose how to spend your time after school and on weekends to best suit the path you want to take. Whether it’s girls going to work, trying to persuade them to let you into their dormitory, or just hanging out in the room with Zhong at a local bar, “Lessons in Love” always has something to do. Please note that some content in this game may confuse or disturb you. But don’t worry! everything will get better~ The game is updated twice a month!


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Lessons in Love
Lessons in Love
Lessons in Love
Lessons in Love
Lessons in Love
Lessons in Love
Lessons in Love

Cheat code Lessons in Love : (Walkthrough bellow)

goodhomie = undo betraying Rin.
rosebud = increases affection with all girls by 100.
funinthesun = resets the beach event and makes it trigger the next Sunday.
fingeryourniece = resets Ami’s events ‘No One Can See Us’ and ‘Important Things’ and gives the message “You now have the opportunity to be a better uncle.” Guessing there’s gonna be consequences to these events in the future.
iwillalwaysloveyou = increase Ami’s lust by 100.
bubblewrapprincess = increase Ayane’s lust by 100.
likemotherlikedaughter = increase Makoto’s lust by 100.
heartofgold = increase Chika’s lust by 100.
atreefallsintheforest = increase Futaba’s lust by 100.
supermom = increase Sara’s lust by 100.
thouartsick = increase Haruka’s lust by 100.
youonlyliveonce = increase Kirin’s lust by 100.
seemeafterclass = count Chika’s ‘Detention’ lust event as having triggered.
wheredoesthetimego = “100 Days pass while you sit at the computer. It’s almost like real life now, isn’t it?”
That last line is straight out of the game. I thought it was funny enough to just copy/paste.

Lessons in Love Walkthrough

This walkthrough is unofficial and not endorsed by the developer. Please consider playing the game without its guidance, as it is intended to be played. It’s really not that hard.

Main events

Most main events are triggered automatically as time passes.
Some of these require you to have seen certain events with the girls or secret events.
If you’re feeling stuck make sure you’ve not been ignoring any of the girls

Help! Rewrite won’t trigger
You need to see secrets 1 2 and 4 for rewrite to trigger

Help! Everyone disappeared!
Pray at the Shrine until you reach 5 affection with God. Then choose to go to school on the next school morning

The Girls events are triggered on multiples of 5 love; or in the case of pink events lust
Make sure to check both their personal location and hangout in their dorm room for events


Ami – Ami’s Room (Weekend mornings)
Ayane – Dojo (Weekend afternoon)
Chika – Shopping Mall (Weekend afternoon)
Futaba – Library (Weekend mornings)
Maya – Shrine (Weekend afternoon)
Makoto – Porn Shop (Evenings)
Miku – Soccer field (Weekend mornings)
Rin – Koi Cafe (Weekend mornings)
Sana – Bar (Evenings)
Yumi – City Streets (Weekend afternoon)

Secret events

Several secret events exist. All secret events are locked behind other events.
Focus main story and girls events before going hunting for secrets.


1st – Visit the entrance to Room 5 after day 21
2nd – Click “Go Home” from the dorm any time after Rin’s “Cafe Mocha” event
3rd – Agree to finger Ami when presented the option and wait
4th – Visit the shrine after Chika’s “Side Event” event
5th – Visit the soccer field during the Reset loop
6th – Use the “invite over” button on a Saturday or Sunday night

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