LonaRPG [v0.4.7.0] [EccmA417]

You are caught in a dimensional rift and do not know what to do. Nevertheless, other abandoners from different realities will join you one by one to establish permanent trust, friendship and intimacy. During the day, beautiful girls from all levels of fantasy will take care of you, and then you will spend the whole night exploring the weird rift. You can bake cakes with succubus, fight with a demon vol pirate captain, learn magic with a young maid, and then do some extracurricular activities with them. Fall in love with girls, lie in bed with them, and fall into different rifts every night!

Thread Updated: 2020-12-30
Release Date: 2020-12-29
Developer: EccmA417
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese

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