Category: Sex Game
OS: Windows
Language: English
Developer: hentaiByte

Magical Girl D [v0.1.0] [hentaiByte]

Enchanted Girl D is a hentai RPG that spotlights on futanari and yuri, in addition to twelve different fixations. It’s a hot, in-your-face, uncensored gaming experience!
At the point when Harumi experiences the fearsome Sinners, she by one way or another changes into an enchanted young lady! In any case, with this change comes beyond anything she at any point expected.
Something thick and hard has showed up between her legs, and presently her life won’t ever go back again…
The Story So Far…
The stars have fallen. From the split husks of fallen stars arise the Sinners. These monsters look to scour the planet and enslave its general population. All expectation has been quenched in the profundities of the most obscure evening. Chosen young ladies are honored with force and urged to chomp back. Night drops as the daring young ladies remain against the darkness…​
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Magical Girl D
Magical Girl D
Magical Girl D

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