Category: Sex Game
OS: Windows
Language: English
Developer: LeelaK

Milfairy Tales [v.0.3766] [LeelaK]

Follow our legend in-preparing (Default: Mark), in his journey to dominate his family blade style. He is the child of the unbelievable champion, who once saved the world from disorder. His mom’s battling style draws powers from one’s internal sex drive, yet she figures she can’t completely show him every one of the standards. So he should gain considerably more from his charming bosses, on the best way to transform his sexual pressure into power! However, much to his dismay that his excursion will be the start of something a lot more noteworthy and that the land may be needing another amazing legend soon enough. Go along with him and his vivid party of provocative Milfs on an enchanted excursion through Milfairy! An awesome place that is known for some secrets, secured by the Goddess of outright love!

Expect a combination of a conventional JRPG, with battle, prison investigation, dating and sex games with the young ladies from Milfairy! Set out in a story that will join two impossible star-crossed sweethearts in a mission to save their reality again and for all!​

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Milfairy Tales
Milfairy Tales
Milfairy Tales

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