Mindshift [Part 1]

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Category: Sex Game
OS: Windows
Language: English
Developer: Amalgam

Mindshift Part 1 [Amalgam]

Brain Shift is set in a school town in the northwestern United States. You will assume the part of a male alumni understudy in brain science and maturing hypnotic specialist. You will likely make your stunning neighbor, Bree, your spellbound toy in the apportioned time, all while procuring your degree. Psyche Shift is a mix of successive investigation, puzzle-settling, and detail the executives. Over its multi-year improvement, Mind Shift’s plan objectives have changed ordinarily, from standard group of concubines manufacturer to more character-engaged and less sex-driven interactivity. A few signs of the group of concubines manufacturer inheritance remain however all things considered Mind Shift is eMC with a little e.​

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