Category: Sex Game
OS: Windows
Language: English
Developer: Overdrive

Musicus! [R18] [Overdrive]

Kei once hoped to become a doctor like his parents and attended a famous high school, but for some reason, he suspended his semester and is now studying part-time. Although his journey has become more difficult, it is still possible to get back on track. However, after meeting many different types of people he had never met before and realizing that there were many people in the world he didn’t know, he began to question what the future he really wanted was.

In a short story he wrote, after he won an award in a citywide competition, the president of music production Yagihara asked him to accompany their band on a tour and write a report on the event. The band is Kachoufuugetsu and once performed on a large stage. Its leader, Korekiyo, is a very distinctive person, and talked in detail that music is meaningless, but it is useless. Although Kei was confused by Korekiyo, when he first heard the band’s music, he was taken away by him. A few days after that memorable first performance, Kei learned that they were disbanding. Unable to accept the unexpected news, he contacted Korekiyo many times to persuade him to change his mind, but there is no argument to shake him. Instead, Korekiyo asked him: “How about you playing rock and roll with me? ”

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