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Language: English
Developer: Dirty Fox Games

My Furry Dictator [Final] [Dirty Fox Games]

Your life is a genuine progress story – you have accomplished your fantasies, becames rich and got all that you’ve needed at any point ever. There isn’t anything that you can’t accepting at this point. Be that as it may, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to feel glad? Is this what you wanted?… Everything changes when your own plane accidents in the sea and you wind up on an obscure island, which changes your life completly in the following not many days.

My Furry Dictator is a short visual novel with regards to cherish, succes, objectives and happines. Our legends are completly unique yet feel similar feelings, have similar considerations. Perhaps political perspectives don’t make any difference so much, perhaps this is an opportunity for them to discover their adoration? Discover it yourself in “My Furry Dictator”!

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My Furry Dictator
My Furry Dictator
My Furry Dictator

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