My Old Soul [v0.015]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: hsmakesgames

My Old Soul [v0.015] [Hsmakesgames]

My Old soul is a game that follows the spirit of a man who was at one time an incredible wizard, however exchanged his spirit (for the initial 10,000 years after his demise) for his desire to send 80% of all aware life, including the wide range of various guys, to another measurement. After the arrangement was finished, he quickly passed on to a coronary failure, leaving the world with no men and caught in an individual damnation for millennia.
He is at last reawakened on Earth in the cutting edge period, and after a fender bender, and a great deal of testing by his gnomish companion from an earlier time, his spirit starts to stir. As his spirit bounces through time, he is pulled in two ways, half towards individuals he grew up with in the advanced time, and half towards individuals he is beginning to recollect from the past (not knowing whether his next hop will be his last). Furthermore, more regrettable, Satan who made the arrangement with him initially has chosen to get him back, somehow.
Presently, he’s left battling to ensure his loved ones, forestalling the elimination of mankind, and outmaneuvering a fiend with her sights set on possessing him permanently.​
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My Old Soul
My Old Soul
My Old Soul
My Old Soul

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