One More Time from the Top [v0.18]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: Mad Jubal

One More Time from the Top [v0.18] [Mad Jubal]

When your best friend invites you to spend the summer with her, you think it will be a relaxing and fun experience. After all, she has been working in the largest and best film studio in the country. Well, you are wrong. A dramatic event will force you to investigate people you just met and try to find hidden secrets. In this survey, you will meet A-level celebrities, directors, producers, and other film crews. Some of them will be good, but others… well, not so good. They are suspects, can you trust them? Are they playing with you? Will you fall in love with any of them? “From Scratch” is a gay visual novel in which we will explore different aspects such as coming out, coping with acceptance, self-empowerment, and finding love. All of this is based on the fascinating environment of the show business, red carpets, and parties (and their dark side).

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One More Time From the Top
One More Time From the Top
One More Time From the Top
One More Time From the Top
One More Time From the Top

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