Pact with a Witch [v0.16.04 Premium]

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Category: Android
Language: English Spanish
Developer: jonnymelabo

Pact with a Witch [v0.16.04 Premium] [jonnymelabo]

Your flat mate and closest companion attempts to assault Neus, the most withdrawn of the entire plan school, who tears into him soon after you save her. You find that nibble was not just for self-protection, it additionally contains a beguiling that transforms your flat mate bit by bit into a young lady. Who regular that passes, she appear failing to remember more his past and getting more drawn to you. To save your companion, you make an agreement with Neus to have 4 dates, and the most recent night she vows to restore his unique male structure to your mate. Despite the fact that it appears to be that she keeps her statement, there are evil things she had not advised you yet.

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Pact with a Witch
Pact with a Witch
Pact with a Witch
Pact with a Witch
Pact with a Witch
Pact with a Witch

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