Quirky Quarantine [v0.1.1]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: Naughtynimbus

Quirky Quarantine [v0.1.1] [Naughtynimbus]

Your name is (whatever you choose) to live in a beautiful home with a middle-aged mother near you and enjoy a quaint middle-class lifestyle. Suddenly, a sudden epidemic occurred worldwide, with an alarming speed. Most governments have difficulty controlling the spread of abnormal parasitic diseases. Its main transmission and evolution is through changing the hormones and behavioral inhibition of the infected brain to cause sexual intercourse. Without the superego or being unable to control your own morals, things will become annoying… Will your protagonist endure many challenges and decide to regain the superego? Or are you willing to follow the path of the original id like many others? It has an impact on your life; as the game progresses, the people around you will become obvious. So yes, hope things will get worse…

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Quirky Quarantine
Quirky Quarantine
Quirky Quarantine

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