Shooting Star [v0.3]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: SxRobert

Shooting Star [v0.3] [SxRobert VN]

This game recounts the narrative of a 23 years of age fellow who is disappointed with his life. Since his dad kicked the bucket, he needed to leave college and begin working.

In the wake of losing his employment, the lone spot he can live is an old schoolmate, Sofia’s loft. The solitary issue is that they disdain one another.

Through the eyes of the hero, you can become acquainted with Sofia and why she acts the manner in which she does.

You need to choose what is significant throughout everyday life. There will be both humor and dramatization. At times you’ll feel awful about the hero’s choices.

In any case, trust me, there are no set in stone answers, actually like, all things considered.

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Shooting Star
Shooting Star
Shooting Star

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