Steps 4 Happiness [v0.2.1.1]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: MaliXe

Steps 4 Happiness [v0.2.1.1] [MaliXe]

The story centers around four characters, a 18-year-old kid, his dad, his dad’s better half, and the stepdaughter of the dad’s sweetheart’s past marriage, all living in a similar house. During the game, the player will switch between the four characters and should pick their lines and activities. Every collaboration between the characters produces sentiments that are communicated in their countenances. The harmony between these sentiments produces the joy of each character. The great closure will rely upon the satisfaction of the four.​

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Steps 4 Happiness
Steps 4 Happiness
Steps 4 Happiness
Steps 4 Happiness
Steps 4 Happiness

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