The Cure for Madness [Ch. 3]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: GrumpyGranny

The Cure for Madness [Ch. 3] [GrumpyGranny]

Set in an advanced Lovecraft universe. Alice Moore, an understudy of the acclaimed Arkham University, is looking for an approach to invert her sibling’s decaying state of mind. She and some individual understudies travel to anecdotal Virginia City. Nonetheless, things are not how they appear to be and the city will before long dive into frenzy and fear, as the limits between her fantasies and reality begin to disintegrate. Can she save her sibling, her companions, the city… or then again herself? It’s dependent upon you..

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The Cure for Madness
The Cure for Madness
The Cure for Madness
The Cure for Madness

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