The God of Yuri School [Prologue]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: Wer0

The God of Yuri School [Prologue] [Wer0]

How might you respond in the event that you could make your own reality with your own guidelines? Would you attempt to accomplish world harmony? Would you be an outright despot and rule with an iron clench hand? Would you cause everybody to fulfill all your necessities? Or then again perhaps you would battle to allow everybody to liberated from their unavoidable fate?
You woke up in an abnormal spot with a significantly more bizarre proposition, after not having some other decision you choose to take it and get moved to an apparently wonderful world (adorable young ladies all over the place). Who wouldn’t need a chance like that?! They will do all that you need, and I mean The world, that sounds like parad………… what? It is safe to say that you are inquiring as to whether there will be ramifications for your reckless actions?……………….Are you sure I’m the one you ought to ask that to? I mean…. you are their GOD now pal . 🙂
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The God of Yuri School
The God of Yuri School
The God of Yuri School
The God of Yuri School

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