The Roommate [v0.1 Preview]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: togs

The Roommate [v0.1 Preview] [togs]

You will get a big promotion and move to Seattle, where a friend provides you with the right to use the apartment. However, he had previously told a young lady in your company that she could stay there, and your arrival meant that she might eventually become homeless. However, if you don’t mind sharing, then you will learn about the beautiful and mysterious Kari. Compared with many other games, Roommate’s “linear” degree is slightly lower. Factors beyond the player’s control may affect the way the story goes. And you don’t have to get along with your mother (or sister), but there are many other fish in the sea…

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The Roommate
The Roommate
The Roommate
The Roommate
The Roommate
The Roommate

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