Throne [v0.1.2]

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The story is rather simple.
You are the player, a man that woke up in a strange world with no memories. What will he do from there is mostly decided by you?


v0.1.2 ~ Update
(I personally suggest waiting a bit more before playing as there isn’t much content and there won’t be until I finish the skeleton of the game)
Many things changed and I almost died because of the chaos that is my programming, but in the end, we’re heading in the right direction.
I worked more in the city.
We can now visit the Guild and Tavern/Inn
Added money system and fixed some bugs.
We can advance a bit with Sara(Inn girl)
We meet two new characters.
There must be more bugs so please be kind enough to report them on discord when you find one. Thanks!
The next Update is going to see another character and some progression with her.

v0.1.1 ~ Small Update
There isn’t much new in this update, I released it so I can just get it out of my way – from now on there will be only big updates.
Added city and the Inn where we get to know a new character.
Added money system.
Added time system.

The next update will be bigger and it will be released in two or three days, it can already be found on Patreon.

v0.1 ~ Initially Released:

Developer Note:

I still don’t know where I wanna take this game/story. I don’t want to make an overly-complicated game that needs a lot of programming since I will mess that up and I don’t want to create script that will create all adult scenes. I want to write everything myself but I also want the player to feel free to do whatever in the world.

This is my first project, the game will be subject to many changes as I gain more experience with every release.

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