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Developer: Arioh Daerthe

Timeless Island [v0.3.6] [Arioh Daerthe]

You play as a guy who just died. You agree that Imara, the fire element, offers you a deal to find her amulet on the Timeless Isle in exchange for resurrection. The Eternal Island is a place outside the laws of time and space. People from different eras can get there. Upon reaching the island, you will meet Fiona, the half-elf. She, gladiatrix Lina and Bastet priestess Klio live in the sanctuary and you decide to join them. As time goes by, there will be the One Piece star Aeria, Necromancer Alice and the future Selena girl. You will also meet Aqua, Imira’s sister.


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Timeless Island
Timeless Island
Timeless Island
Timeless Island
Timeless Island
Timeless Island
Timeless Island

Hidden events:

Hidden event1 – peek at Fiona in the bath 3 times when you don’t have enough stealth
Hidden event2 – have sex with Aeria 3 times to unlock Klio voyerist scene Kinda hidden event 🙂 – wait about 40-50 seconds in main menu to watch dancing Aqua
Fiona reaction on grabbing her ass changes when your r.p.5+


Talk with her about Aqua
Bring her firestones and increase your fire resistance learn fireball – 3 firestones
learn remove magic seals – 5 firestones
footjob scene – 10% f.r.
handjob scene – 20% f.r.
boobjob scene – 30% f.r.


Learn fireball at first
Save game in the factory before you kill all 4 erasers
To beat eraser warrior you need fireball and 50+ mana or 2 stealth point to sneak
To beat eraser wizard you need fireball and at least 80-90 mana To remove magic seal you must have 75+ mana routine list.
All other information added in game quest journal and girls daily


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