Total Corruption [v0.004]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: kjotaka

Total Corruption [v0.004] [Kjotaka]

Become acclimated to the skin of MC and his excursion. You had difficult life. Father left you when you was only a child. Mother began to drink after separate . More established sister attempted everything she could to deal with circumstance with her happy mentality however it isn’t sufficient. More youthful sister is simply ruined rascal. What’s more, You are some place in the center. Lost. Broke. Irate at everybody. With no conceivable method to transform it.

Up to this point. Father passed on and you are the lone legitimate beneficiary for the entirety of his fortune. Be that as it may, there is such countless individuals who need it as well and they are truly genuine. So game starts and it is your lone possibility.

Can you play truly grimy? Since once you start there is no retreat. Also, where is the line? Will you be capable hold your internal evil presences and deal with everybody ? Or on the other hand the time has come to show them who you truly are and allowed them to sympathize with your torment?

Just remember…. each choice has outcomes and be mindful so as not to succumb to defilement yourself.

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Total Corruption
Total Corruption

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