Troubled Legacy [v0.0.17 Part1 final]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English German
Developer: Blackthunder_vn

Troubled Legacy [v0.0.17 Part1 final] [Blackthunder_vn]

We join the existence of this 21-year-elderly person the day everything changes.

Until this point, he has figured out how to fashion a stable albeit not excessively prosperous existence with his divorced person Godmother and her two little girls, subsequent to having lost his folks at a youthful age and being irritated from their more distant family.

The little girls, Mary and Elisabeth, have as of late moved away. Mary to school and Elisabeth with her sweetheart. Leaving our MC living with the Godmother Edith, both attempting to cover the bills and staying aware of the most youthful’s educational cost. The time together bringing them closer.

Be that as it may, on this day, his Troubled Legacy barges in and powers everybody to make new arrangements, as they go head to head with the equivalent amounts of enticing and by and large chilling implications of his inheritance.

Play the game to encounter what wild occasions, overwhelming difficulties, and tempting freedoms ensue!​

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Troubled Legacy
Troubled Legacy
Troubled Legacy
Troubled Legacy
Troubled Legacy

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