Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: CarbonBlue

 Unleashed [v0.5v2] [CarbonBlue]

Unleashed is a slice-of-life Visual Novel designed to play around with your expectations. To do that it begins in the stereotypical way that many VN’s begin. You might see hints throughout that allude to things being a little different.

You, the male main character, are on your way to your first year in college. An early fire at the dorms has left the student body scrambling to find alternative housing. Luckily, your father is old friends with a local mother and her two daughters, and she was kind enough to offer you a room.

NOTE: In 0.3 there is an error with “guy”. I have included a new scripts.rpy to fix it. Just place it in your games folder. 0.3.1 has the fix in place.

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