Category: Sex Game
Language: English Russian
Developer: Novel

Void’s Calling [Ep.2 v.0.2] [Novel]

“Call of the Void”-is a sandbox game, every decision you make can greatly change the course of the game’s story. The skills we acquired during the first game will be used to the greatest extent during this project. The game will still be story-oriented, but this time you are free to choose what to do in the game world. As for the quality of the renderer, I think you have noticed the gradual improvement in the quality of the previous project throughout the work period, and I have been learning new knowledge. When it comes to sex scenes, even if nothing is better than my first project, the same quality can be expected. “The Call of the Void” is a redesign of our thinking. A new project with the same old approach to our work and style.

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Void's Calling
Void's Calling
Void's Calling
Void's Calling

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