Walking on the Shards [Ch. 3]

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Category: Sex Game
Language: English
Developer: StateOfMind

Walking on the Shards [Ch. 3] [StateOfMind]

The past consistently leaves wounds and a grin on the spirit. A great many people can adapt to their feelings, proceeding to embrace the here and now. In any case, imagine a scenario where the recollections are stuck profound and don’t give rest around evening time. Imagine a scenario in which around evening time you awaken from a shout, your own shout. How to manage voices, particularly if these voices have a place with the dead?

It could merit changing the city, discovering new individuals and a new position. It appears to help. Recollections come less and less frequently, new individuals have returned a since a long time ago neglected grin. Furthermore, the future becomes more clear and more splendid. Another home, companions, adversaries, a position of study. It looks so moving. In any case, the night comes and the recollections make themselves felt once more. A since quite a while ago neglected voice awakens to help you to remember itself. A period of satisfaction or torment. It stays to choose what is more significant.

In any case, is there a chance to fix everything and start another life? Who can say for sure…

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Walking on the Shards
Walking on the Shards

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