Category: Sex Game
Language: English Spanish
Developer: Golden Novels

Winds of the Destiny [v0.6.0] [Golden Novels]


Few manage to be masters of their destiny. Many give in to duty, others try to rebel and fail in the attempt. What will be your case? Dare, find out. You could say you were leading a normal life, but you always felt different from the rest. You returned from Canada to your hometown after Mom passed away. But everything changed radically the day you met Ceina, (ex) Queen of Heaven. What does your help ask to stop his sister, his counterpart, Satanichia. To do this, you must train and strengthen your powers in a very unique and erotic way. While you continue working in an exclusive Women’s Academy, and caring for the little family you still have. Will you be able to fulfill your destiny? From protecting the people you care about? Which path will you choose?​

Compressed Windows/Linux/Mac
Compressed Android Port

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Winds of the Destiny
Winds of the Destiny
Winds of the Destiny
Winds of the Destiny
Winds of the Destiny

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