9tales Comic Collection [Ep.0-2]

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9tales Comic Collection [Ep.0-2] [9tales]

“9 Tales” is a story inspired by the world of PMD, but contains significant differences. There are no humans, instead the world is run by intelligent creatures; it’s a different fictional universe with its own universal rules!

The story takes place at a small rescue-post, near a notoriously dangerous mountain pass connected by two rich valleys. Inside the rescue-post resides a rag-tag crew, whose duty is to help others make their way through the pass, show them the right path, and in the event of trouble – save them by whatever means necessary!

It’s a story focused on comradery, everyday life, and, primarily, their lewd escapades! In this small community of mountain rangers, there is little to no connection to the world beyond their isolated mountains. So, these brave creatures, who are often in mortal danger, have developed very… loose attitudes towards pleasure wherever they can find it. So, let’s dive in!​

Updated: 2020-08-09
Developer/Publisher: Team 9tales – Twitter
Censorship: No
Language: English
Pages: 40+


9tales Comic Collection
9tales Comic Collection
9tales Comic Collection