P@idol M@ster! [2020-09-01]

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P@idol M@ster! [2020-09-01] [Momiyama]

Yuuki Hikara comes to visit her childhood boyfriend, Takeru, on his birthday. Takeru was the sole heir to the Inatomi Corporation. Yuuki was thinking how marrying Takeru could open up a life of luxury for her, when she enters a room full of big titted women. To her shock, Takeru had invited all these women to select a wife for himself.​

Updated: 2020-09-01
Developer/Publisher: Momiyama Pixiv Fanbox – Twitter – Pixiv
Censorship: Yes (Small white bars)
Language: English
Resolution: Varies
Pages: 220


P@idol M@ster!
P@idol M@ster!
P@idol M@ster!
P@idol M@ster!