Rabies T. Lagomorph Collection [2020-12-02]

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Rabies T. Lagomorph Collection [2020-12-02] [RabiesTL]


Artist RabiesTL and writer OtakuBucky. Two friends who met while combing the seedy trenches of an ero-comics forum and decided to collaborate on a one-shot comic. After realizing the potential fire they could bring to the masses in the heart of adore comic fans, the two-man collective known as the ‘Think-Tank’ was formed. From that collaboration spawned a much bigger idea; an erotica series, consisting of superheroes, villains, parody everything in-between and the steamy action that ensues. Thus the world of Hero Tales was born!

A fantastic multi-verse of superhuman erotica awaits you! Filled to the brim with larger-than-life superheroes, stacked-and-packed heroines, busty megalomaniacal villains, supremely hung supermen, decadent time-travellers, beyond ample amazonians, insatiable entities, multi-appendaged aliens, carnal magicians and so much more.

Some few current patreon comics are not added due single pages release per 2-3 week

Updated: 2020-12-02
Developer/Publisher: Rabies T. Lagomorph Patreon
Story Writer: OtakuBucky
Censorship: No
Language: English
Resolution: 600p, 1200p, 3500p
Format: JPG, PNG
Pages: 900+


Rabies T. Lagomorph Collection
Rabies T. Lagomorph Collection
Rabies T. Lagomorph Collection
Rabies T. Lagomorph Collection